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Delivering financial and treasury management software that incorporates the latest industry trends and employs the newest technology is just part of the Trintech equation for customer success. Our strategy also includes helping customers maximize the return on investment (ROI) from their Trintech solution.

Of course, customers derive immediate ROI through the greater automation of business processes made possible by the Trintech solution. Automation frees staff to perform higher-value projects that contribute to the corporate bottom line. Plus, enhanced accuracy, timeliness and compliance avoid other costs, such as audits, fines and legal representation.

Even more ROI is possible by taking advantage of Trintech’s  flexible hosting options. We’ve designed these options with customers in mind, assuring they accommodate customers’ business styles rather than imposing rigid structures to which customers must adapt.

Make Your Technology Budget Work for YouHosting
All too often technology budgets focus exclusively on acquiring and maintaining infrastructure. It is time to make your technology budget work for you. It is time to use monies allocated to technology to gain competitive advantage rather than support infrastructure. Such a strategy shift is possible when you opt for Chesapeake’s hosting services.

Consider the following: A typical software implementation involves purchasing and maintaining servers, housing them securely, and installing and maintaining the software. Capital outlays at acquisition are significant, and ongoing personnel and maintenance costs only mount over time.

Chesapeake’s hosting options allow you to lower IT costs by reducing internal IT infrastructure costs. It also eliminates the hardware and software (operating system and database) needed to continually upgrade and maintain your system. Specifically, a hosted solution frees organizations from the need to:

  • Support the server infrastructure necessary for maintaining software in-house.
  • Build equipment redundancy and provide the housing necessary to ensure security, reliability and scalability.
  • Maintain a labor-intensive patch and upgrade process.

Added Benefits of Hosted Solutions

Chesapeake’s hosting options bring three added benefits beyond lower IT costs:

1. Ease of budgeting. Incorporating an ongoing monthly hosting fee is easier than accommodating a large one-time outlay.

2. Access to comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

3. Access to product innovations. When new or improved feature appears in the application, hosted customers enjoy a seamless upgrade path to the newest version.

Leverage Hosting for You Organization Today

Chesapeake experts will be glad to discuss how opting for a hosted solution can help your organization achieve even greater efficiencies from our technology.

To the right is an overview of the 8 steps involved in converting to a hosted environment. At each and every step, the customer’s needs are respected – and the requirement for a safe and secure environment. It starts with selecting a conversion team who knows the technology and how your business operates. Then, ongoing testing assures that everything is working properly prior to activation. Backups help mitigate any risk throughout the transition period. Most important of all, care is taken to familiarize your staff with the hosted environment.

Customers that have opted for our hosted solutions are so glad they did! Hosted solutions done well is just one more factor that contributes to the Chesapeake difference. Learn more today.

Hosting Conversion Process

1. Assign a conversion team.

2. Migrate and install data into a
test environment.

3. Grant staff access and time to get familiar with the hosted environment.

4. Configure data file transfer routines.

5. Select a mutually agreed upon cutover date.

6. Obtain the most recent backup of your current system.

7. Install final data into the hosted
production environment.

8. Activate the live system in the
hosted environment.

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